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iGene PHARMA: drug sensitivity and pharmacogenetic passport

iGene DNA-test drug sensitivity

The way people respond to drugs can differ from one person to the next. Amitriptyline or codeine, for example, are not processed at the same speed by everyone. This is partly due to genetic variations, which influence how enzymes act.

Nevertheless, for the most part, people are prescribed the same initial dose of a drug. Does it seem like a drug is not having an effect? Or is it producing side effects? Usually, the dose is only adjusted or a different drug selected after such observations have been made.

With the iGene FARMA DNA test, however, it is possible to identify which drugs you are likely to respond to abnormally on a preventive basis. Your personal pharmacological profile also shows you which enzymes play a role in this. 

In short, this is a comprehensive pharmacogenetic passport. Using this passport a doctor or pharmacist can select the right drug and the right dose for you immediately, based on the latest pharmacogenetic knowledge.

Drug sensitivity

"The right drugs in the right dose more quickly" 

An overview of your genetic sensitivity to a large number of commonly used drugs. A doctor or pharmacist can use this information to determine which drug suits you best, and therefore arrive at the correct dose more quickly, meaning that medication errors and unnecessary side effects can be prevented. 


Pharmacological profile

"Information on your enzyme activity"

Extensive information on various enzymes that have an impact on the activity and effect of different drugs, based on an overview of your personal enzyme activity. You can share this profile easily with your doctor or pharmacist.




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